Lexus LSR 'Munro' Special

Here some views of a project that I did for the motorcycle class... the brief was to make a Lexus motorcycle inspired from a movie... My main inspiration was 'The World's Fastest Indian' movie and the real story of Burt Munro and obviously the Land Speed Record's world. This project was really funny to do and like every project was also used to make something different and to learn something new ;)

Sketch research Piaggio Vespa Concept

Sketch research from my Piaggio Vespa school project done this summer. The main concept was the one of the original Vespa: the most comfortable riding position compared to motorcycle. 
I also tried to remake all the special versions of the original one like: Siluro, Monthlery, TAP, Alpha and the Ape... It was really funny  =)

Piaggio Vespa Concept TAP edition

Done this summer and never finished

Something that I did this summer and I never finished...

Real-life painting on PS trying to learn to take the real colours :D

Jac Motors Coupé Concept

Here are some final views of a school project that I did in collaboration with Jac Motors, we had to do a coupé based on a existent sedan package. My main inspiration was the Chinese tradition ( from traditional fashion to the beautiful landscapes ) so I wanted to make a car different from the actual Chinese cars... making something much more Chinese ;)

Just updating...

Here are my last three illustrations that I did... An aqua green classic Vespa, a Ferrari 312 t2 and a wonderful detail of the amazing 1928 Golden Arrow :D


Ferrari P7 Redire

Here are two views of the proposal that I did in collaboration with two other friends, my teammates, for the Ferrari World Design Contest, we thought to an ultra-sleek and ultra-low Hypercar for the return of Ferrari in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2025 :D

These are just two funny illustration that I did ;)

Motorcycle project

Here are some views of an old motorcycle project that I did based on a collaboration between MV Agusta and Wally Yachts and inspired by helicopters' design :)

Work in progress - Interior

After the first exterior in PS here's the first interior... :D

Work in progress - First car in PS

Here's a WIP of my first car rendering with PS... the subject is for a school project :)

Thanks so much to my cousins, my aunt and my uncle ;)

Trying again Alchemy...

Some mechas made with Alchemy stirring the Evangelion and Transformers robots' style... :D

Just something new...

I tried to change a bit my way to put colour on my sketches and here are some results and a tribute to the awesome Tron Legacy 's Light Runner by the super inspiring Daniel Simon...

Segment B Concept

I'm so sorry because I haven't uploaded anything for a long while but I'm still here :D ... and this is just a 10-15 minutes sketch of a Segment B car that I did during an exam...

Anyway all my thoughts are for Japan and I hope for a recovery as fast as possible!!

Bugatti EXK5 Illustration

Here is an illustration of a wonderful Bugatti Type 57S Atalante #57592 ( the EXK5 one ), that I did for an exam for Transportation Design Class. 

GM/Segway Fold Concept

My little city car concept based on the collaboration between GM and Segway technology...

Render Local Motors Vega

Just a render of my Local Motors Vega based on a previous sketch... 


Local Motors Vega

Here are some sketches of the Local Motors Vega... my entry for the Retrospective Motors Competition on

Trying Alchemy...

Some Le-Mans LMP1 rough sketches for the Local-Motors SketchWall Challenge...
done with Alchemy

Just what I'm working on...

Talbot - Lago T26 GP 1948.... beautiful car...
Illustration for Transportation Design class, only markers until now.

My Dynamic Shape

Here is Hahalua... my model of a dynamic shape for a school project for the Industrial Design class.

Hahalua it's the Hawaiian name of the Giant Manta ( Manta Birostris).

Old Stuff...

Hello everyone!

My name is Marco Reggiani, I'm 19 and I'm from Parma (Italy)
Currently I'm a student at the first year of Istituto d' Arte Applicata e Design (IAAD) in Turin (Italy).

Here are some of mine old works that I did in these last years...